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Our Staff

Hospice For Utah’s greatest asset is the care team. Our quality of care and commitment to integrity is created by a team of professionals who have an extraordinary spirit and vision. Hospice For Utah provides specialized hospice training and offers bereavement services for all staff members. A special thank you to all of the families who have invited us into their homes and entrusted us with the care of their loved ones.

Administrative Team

Andrea Munier
Hannah Philpot
Company Coordinator
Angie Yates
Human Resources
Liz Stimatz
Office Manager Draper

Community Education

Kelsie Anderson
Community Education Director

Nurses – Ogden Office

Lisa Harrison
Director of Nursing Ogden
Andrea Martinez
Assistant Director of Nursing Ogden
Brooke Ritchie
LPN Ogden
Stephanie Draper
RN Ogden
Tammy Law
LPN Logan

Nurses – Draper Office

Amanda Patchen a nurse for Hospice for Utah
Scott Foster
Director of Nursing Draper
Joan Pfau
Assistant Director of Nursing Draper
Heidi Krubsack
RN Draper
Amanda Patchen
RN Draper
Leslie McGarrity nurse for Hopsice for Utah DraperMichael Godfrey nurse at Hospice for Utah Draper
Leslie McGarrity
RN Draper
Michael Godfrey
RN Draper

Certified Nursing Assistants – Ogden Office

Debbie Roest
CNA Ogden
Dana Kidman
CNA Ogden
Debbie Gough
CNA Ogden
Holly Howes
CNA Ogden
Tamra Furqueron
CNA Ogden

Certified Nursing Assistants – Draper Office

Carol Dinan certified nurse assistant at Hospice for Utah Draper
Claudia Beagley
CNA Draper
Keith Baird
CNA Draper
Lyn Dudley
CNA Draper
Carol Dinan
CNA Draper
Chantel Buhler certified nurse assistant at Hospice for Utah Draper
Tiare Tolo
CNA Draper
Cleston Steele
CNA Draper
Misty Sargent
CNA Draper
Chantel Buhler
CNA Draper
Joe Fawson certified nurse assistant at Hospice for Utah Draper
Joe Fawson
CNA Draper

Social Work Team

Jessica Steinbook social worker at Hospice for Utah
Nicole Percifield
SSW Draper
Jessica Steinbook
Social Worker Draper


Gaylen Buckley
Chaplain Draper
Kevin Bond
In memory of our Happy Chappy.
With HFU from 2004-2014

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