Friday, 19th of January 2018

Why Choose Hospice for Utah?

Hospice for Utah understands that each patient and family has unique needs and assists them in planning and implementing hospice care. We are committed to providing comprehensive hospice services to hospitals, to nursing facilities, and directly to families like yours.

Some Features Unique to Hospice For Utah

Medical Director on Staff: Our medical director visits patients in their homes and maintains strong communication with the hospice care team. We also have nurse practitioners who are available to make house calls in order to adeptly manage the medical care of our patients.

Timely Intake Response: Our intake response time is within three hours.

Consistency of Caregiving: We keep the same care team with each patient throughout their care.

Staff Are Not Paid Per Visit: Hospice For Utah does not pay its staff based on number of visits. This encourages our employees to spend quality time with each patient.

Tuck-Ins: Hospice For Utah practice “above and beyond” philosophy by providing evening “tuck-ins”, an extra visit prior to bedtime, to patients who need the extra care.

Hospice Specialists: Because the Hospice For Utah focus is hospice care, all of its staff are trained specifically to provide end of life support. Continuous training allows the team to become experts in hospice care.

Education: We feel that providing education to family and caregivers of hospice patients positively impacts the hospice experience. Hospice For Utah provides education on a wide variety of topics to patients, families and the community.

Snoezelen: Snoezelen therapy uses sensory stimulation to help those with chronic pain, dementia and other disabilities by creating a relaxing, calming or energizing atmosphere.

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