Tuesday, 20th of February 2018


Hospice For Utah has been serving families for over 15 years.

Thank you for the privilege of caring for your loved ones.

Please leave a comment below to help other families who may need hospice support.

I am so thankful mother had such a wonderful hospice team. They were so respectful and kind and made the last months comfortable and less frightening. They were a support for her as well as me. Thank you for being there when the need was so great.

I am very happy we choose Hospice for Utah. Once we started with Hospice I heard a lot of horror stories about hospice patients. My experience with Hospice for Utah was wonderful. I am thankful for the care that was given to my mother.

Your staff was confident, thoughtful, kind and very loving to our Mom. When we couldn’t be there or take care of her needs, you took care of her. I especially liked that the assisted living center called hospice first when there was an IR. It made answering the phone less stressful than being called by the assisted living and trying to get them to make a decision.

Hospice helped us get relief from grief as Williams was declining in his health. Wonderful people.

All I can say, that your staff at hospice is such a great program and I thank God it was there for us. I think you folks do a fantastic job with the patients and loved ones. You folks have a fantastic staff, that care about their patients and take time with the families to explain everything to you. And the support and love that they show is just so fantastic. I’m so grateful for everyone there. Thank you so much.

I truly appreciate the love and care my mom got from Hospice For Utah’s staff. She was treated with kindness, dignity and respect, which all elderly people deserve. Thank you!!

Thank you for all you did. Our family felt comfort in having you there when we were not sure exactly what was our mother’s condition and how much longer it would be. We really appreciated the peaceful way everything was handled. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your caring concern and service to mom and to our family. Already we miss having your staff every day. We love them all.

Words just cannot express how deeply we appreciate all you have done for our mother. You all showed true compassion and kindness for her and her illness.  Lisa, Brooke, and Holly were incredible and mom loved them. We want to say “Thank You” once again to all of you. May God’s blessings flow in each of your lives.

Love you guys, however hopefully I won’t need your services anytime soon. Maybe I’ll just come visit.

The hospice staff was so caring and professional. I felt like they were family by the time our experience ended. A special thanks to our mothers CNA who showed such a special love and all her nurses. You all are so wonderful. Words cannot adequately express.

I want to thank everyone that we were in contact with. We know that our mother enjoyed all who gave her care and needs. We were so glad that your staff was with us when she passed and also for coming to her viewing and the beautiful card. I was truly grateful for how personal the girls were with all. Thank you all so much.

I hope you received our thank you note. We have never felt so much love and caring from people we didn’t really know, but felt like family when you were there. Much love for you all and thank you for being such loving people. May God bless and keep you always safe.

Thank you for helping make it possible for us to keep him in his own home. That was what he wanted. You became part of the family. The love you showed was amazing. He absolutely loved all of you. He looked forward to your visits and bragged about you often. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Thank you all for your loving attention to ours and especially our loved one’s needs. It was an experience I shall never forget and will always be grateful to you. May all your clients be as well served as our dear family member was! As my daughter said “He did not choose to be mentally handicapped, not to have a wife and children, not to be able to drive an automobile, not to go to college like his siblings, but you allowed him his last choice in life, to die at home.” Thank you. Even your sympathy care and enclosure express so much comfort. Your social worker is such an asset to your facility. For one so young, she had absolute understanding of us old folks and the isolation we feel in the end.

Your entire team were loving, caring and became members of our family during this difficult time. You are all loving professionals!

Everything was just great! We were extremely pleased with the care, support, understanding and comfort provided by Hospice For Utah. Hospice allowed my mom to pass with dignity, respect and love. Her passing was very peaceful. Thanks so much for all your help.

All who cared for my mother were professional and caring. I want to mention Lisa and Carly who were wonderful to mom. You all made her last days as she wanted, peaceful and pain free. I thank you so much. You also gave me peace of mind.

I can’t say enough good about Hospice of Utah and your staff. I have recommended your service to everyone I have talked with. Thank you so much for your support and professional care.

 I always felt well informed and truly appreciated the constant kindness, care and professionalism each Hospice for Utah caregiver provided. Many thanks to you all.

We requested Hospice For Utah, following a “not so good” experience with a different hospice provider. Scott had been to my parent’s home several years previous. We found his card and called. He was at my sister’s side within 15 minutes! Our sister was a brave, wonderful loving individual. Scott and Claudia and Chelsea saw her almost daily. We were with our sister everyday for 3 weeks. Hospice For Utah was there with us. The staff was kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. They helped provide our sister with comfort and dignity during the most difficult last 3 weeks of her life. WE will be FOREVER GRATEFUL!