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Spiritual support is an important part of hospice care. The role of the Hospice For Utah chaplain is to engage in spiritual care. The hospice chaplain is non-denominational, representing no particular faith tradition, and is able to help provide spiritual guidance and care for patients and their families. Chaplain support provides:

  • Support for you through prayer, mediation, and discussion
  • Help to coordinate with your faith community (if you have one)
  • Focus for you in terms of your strengths and resources and to support you on your journey
  • Exploration, alongside you, the deeper reaches of the meaning of life and death
  • Guidance to flow communication between family members and help in the process of saying goodbye
  • Discussion on the experience of grief and loss, and provide bereavement support to your family
  • Aid in planning how you would like your memory celebrated


Hospice For Utah volunteers provide care and support services for individuals and families. All volunteers are provided with extensive training and support and work closely with the rest of the hospice team to provide consistent care.

Volunteers can provide:

  • Companionship for the patient and family
  • Staying with the patient while caregivers attend appointments or run errands
  • Reading, listening, and reminiscing with the patient
  • Assisting in household duties; childcare, light chores, or running small errands

Hospice For Utah provides all of these services for patients and they are free of charge.

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